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Boss Capital Demo Account

Why Boss Capital Demo Account

Capital is a recently-founded broker, but has a very promising future. They grant very good payout rates and their system is very intuitive and easy to master.

Boss Capital’s platform is oriented at users that already have some experience with Binary Options, but what sets them apart from other brokers is that they take the care to offer all the information a novice may need to enter the Binary Options trading business. Boss Capital has several exotic options for experienced traders such as minute options, Roll Over, Double up and several others which are common when browsing for a suitable Binary Options broker.

Boss capitalWith a minimum deposit of 200$, it is possible to open a demo account. A demo account is recommended for every type of trader simply because it allows investors to make mistakes and to learn the basics of the market; professionals use demo accounts to test strategies and to see if the broker’s platform meets their needs and requirements so they can operate in a comfortable environment. After gaining some experience, by depositing a total of 500$, a real account can be opened, and then the trader is allowed to invest on the market.

Although it is not mandatory to use a demo account, not ever using one may result in catastrophic losses; this is because a demo account allows for different strategies and methods to be applied in real time, with real assets and options. If a theory or strategy proves useless, a modification can be made in any moment, and then set the plan to the test back again; demo accounts operate with fake money, so there’s no risk of consequences caused by wrong decisions.

Just like most brokers, Boss Capital offers bonuses by depositing certain amounts of money, and they set several tools and charts on their platform for traders to utilize. But the actual value of Boss Capital relies on their effort to educate their traders. This is a valuable factor to take into account, since the more educated your business partners are, more profits will be available for both parties. Withdrawal conditions must be taken into account when choosing a broker; Boss Capital’s withdrawal system depends on the category of the account the trader possesses. Standard accounts may withdraw once per each month of the calendar, they will have to pay a 30$ fee for additional withdrawals performed that same month. Executive accounts can withdraw once per month, but may be allowed some expedited withdrawals; they also have to pay 30$ for additional withdrawals. Gold accounts can only withdraw once a month by free, but they are allowed to withdraw money several times a day. Platinum and VIP accounts are entitled to free limitless withdrawals.

Trading with Boss Capital is very secure regarding online-regulations. They utilize the SSL security system standard which protects credit card information; they also run PCI regulations which mandates Boss Capital to never hold on to credit card information. To create an account with Boss Capital, no deposit is needed, but to actually start trading a minimum deposit of 200$ must take place.

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