24Option Demo Account

Demo Accounts – Why 24Option?

24option tops the list of Binary Options brokers with the highest bonuses, 85% profit in about one hour and impeccable customer service. 24option is certainly the broker for those who want to feel a great benefit from their broker of choice.

DEMO Account 24 optionsUnlike other Binary Options brokers that offer common options such as “buy” and “sell” to the public, 24option uses very clear buttons with a plus and a minus to prevent confusion, since most of the times the terms or words used are altered depending on the broker. As with any Binary Options operation, traders can decide whether the price will rise or decrease, and then, act accordingly. More than appreciated is that 24option offers multiple views of its market platform so the operator can use the available tools much easily.

One of the most useful features found in 24option is their “free” demo account. Operators can access a free demo account after a minimum deposit of $250. Still, when compared to other Binary Options brokers the rule is to ask for a certain minimum deposit to allow traders to use demo accounts. Another nice feature about 24Option is the Early Termination option that allows operators to essentially “cancel” their operation until five minutes before closing time, cutting potential losses. Although it won’t save the whole investment, this option is perfect to avoid a complete loss on the position.

Customer support via chat is regarded as the fastest way to get answers to most questions that need immediate reply. 24Option offers a great chat, which is available in 16 different languages. A prompt and courteous service can be expected at all times from this broker. The support over the phone is also available in most languages and has local numbers for all of them, therefore, operators who prefer to speak with a representative can do this easily by contacting 24Option.

The usual biggest complaint about 24option is that the demo account is not free and that its existence is not obvious on the website. However, this disadvantage was more than outweighed by the simple fact that they do have a demo available, even if it is slightly hidden. A demo account will allow users to test the platform to see if it meets the trader’s needs and long-term goals; it is vital to feel comfortable while operating the broker’s platform. Demo accounts are used by both professionals and amateurs, since it allows them to commit mistakes without having to worry about losing money. Most pages of the site operate under a secure server, which gives traders confidence before making a deposit; when logging in, all required fields are on one screen and in plain sight. The registration is simple and there are multiple methods for depositing and withdrawing money.

24option has the most extensive library of Binary Options throughout the industry. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced trader, their library of videos about Binary Options will guide you through the trading world. The library is completely free to registered users.

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